Rustic – More than Your Hipster Fad

I think that there are a lot of different ideas going around about the whole rustic thing right now. I see it all the time when I browse my nieces’s boards on Pinterest. They go crazy pinning the latest popular trends that find their way under their fingers. And while I admit that they are lovely, many of the people who you will see in the photos never lived a day in the country.

Rustic is more than just some trend that city dwelling hipsters have invented. It is much older than you might think it is and then it is even older than that.

When you think of the vintage aspects of the farm life you have to understand that certain family heirlooms are still sitting there in peoples living rooms. They inhabit a place on the hearth or they are stored away in a trunk. They sit on a shelf in the closet or they are forgotten among the various possessions in the basement, garage or a barn.

They were once all new, somebody was glad to get them. And now you see them strewn about during weddings. Decorating tables, hanging from trees and from the buffet table.

The people, not all of course, tend to take them for granted. At least that is how it appears to me.

The idea of celebrating a rustic wedding never comes to a person who lives in the country. Somebody that lives and breaths the rustic air.

You may ask why.

But the answer should not surprise you because when you live in the country every wedding you go to is a country wedding.

Every wedding has a legitimate rustic theme because it is legitimate.

I love rustic weddings, and I guess you could say that I have been blessed since all of the weddings that I have attended were rustic in nature.

Of course some were more than others, but nobody made an effort in calling them that. When you get married in the country it can only help but take on the rustic country charm that the environment has to offer. And in so doing it becomes something so much more than a rustic wedding in name and facade only.

When I get notified of a new pin or I scroll through the latest of their finds I can only hope that when it comes time to tie the knot they understand what they have right here in their own backyard.

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