My Wedding Daze

When I got asked to tie the knot I was certainly more than prepared. We had been dating for about three years, ever since out senior year in high school. When we had gone steady I knew that he was the one, and all I had to do was wait. Of course the time came and not soon enough either. But that is when the wedding whirlwind took over and I found myself swept up in a massive amount of planning.

Now before you misunderstand me, it wasn’t the work, I would have gladly done twice as much, even ten times as much just for the chance to walk down the aisle. It was the planning that put me in a daze.

Not my planning either.

Something happened that day we announced the wedding to our families. We had always been close as neighbors go. And so around the holidays we tended to try and make a special thanks giving just for the close families. We both have four siblings who are more or less in the same age range which made the whole celebration special as we were growing up. Not that it wasn’t special then, or special now as one big family.

But when we announced that my husband, then my boyfriend, had asked me to marry him and that I had most unmistakably said yes the dinning room erupted excitement.

And that is when I was swept away.

There was something different about the situation. Something I hand’t expected.

In the country a wedding is a big thing. Well, I suppose to be fair they are big things everywhere. But for us it is a chance to call the family together, a chance for good food, and a chance to celebrate.

There is a difference between a wedding and a family get together, the difference being that the family just got twice as big.

As my father risked my boyfriend, now my fiancee, away he winked at me.

I have always wondered if he suspected the outcome, or if my fiancee has asked him for my hand before he popped the question. How ever it worked out my dad poured his future son-in-law and my future father-in-law a glass of bourbon I was whisked away.

That is when the wedding daze started.

This was something I had never anticipated. Everyone wanted to help, everyone had their own ideas. And the one left out was me.

I had never noticed this before when my cousins got married. Maybe it was because I was too young or detached from the actual planning.

The experience as a whole was exhausting. And that goes for any wedding, but it was pleasing knowing that so many people cared about us.

When the wedding was over and we departed the reception we both exhaled. It was an honest feeling of relief.

The wedding was something we both wanted. The excitement we experienced from our families was something we had anticipated, the rest was a surprise.

We still laugh about it from time to time.

A year later my younger sister experienced something much like our wedding. I suppose it is some sort of right of passage, something you need to experience.

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