Apart of Rustic Life

There are lots of things that we can call rustic. Sometimes that isn’t what you might think of at first, but when you stop and think about them you realize that they are rustic. Of course there is a lot of things that overlap in life. It doesn’t matter if your life is in the city or you are on the family homestead.

When we love the shapes, the sounds and even the scents of the country. And when you spend any amount of time on a farm you will learn to associate them with different things.

For me rustic is a lot of different things. There are so many aspects of the country that I would put the rustic label on that I have a hard time keeping up with them. But worry not, they are there.

This is a funny story of what things I happen to associate with the country and rustic life style that somebody somewhere else will take with a completely different set of feelings, memories or even dislikes. For me the moment took me back to my grandparents. And there I stayed for the moment enjoying myself.

What was the catalyst you ask? What took me back down memory lane? What do I attribute the rustic country lifestyle with that you may attribute to something else?

I had been on the road for about six hours, the hours behind the wheel had turn a little hunger into a roaring deep in my stomach. And there on the horizon was the sign that drew me like a moth to the flame. Denny’s!

I pulled into the parking lot noting the lack of cars as I locked the door. This was in my opinion a plus since there would be less for the waiters to do. They could put their attention on me.

As the woman walked away with my order I smiled a hot cup of coffee in my hand.

When it came I wasn’t able to take my eyes off it, the glistening mountain that was Sticky Bun Pancake Breakfast! My first bite sent a rush of flavor to my brain. And that is when it happened.

I have been a sucker for Sticky Buns since I was a kid. And it was this taste that brought a rush of memories of country life, my grandparent’s rustic kitchen (that would now be the envy of ever woman who watches HGTV) and the food that will follow me for the rest of my life.

When I paused I looked back at them, their faces smiling at me as I (stickily) gobbled down one of her delicious buns. The memory of them, both of whom passed many year prior, filled me with a sense of warmth. When I had finished my plate I was satisfied, the food had just some how tasted so much better. This part of me was part of my rustic life.

And now I am getting hungry again.

What makes you hungry? What treat do you associate with your childhood? What are the things that take you back to a time long since passed?

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